About Us

The Universal Lid was first envisioned in 2015 by Matthieu Vigoureux in Jacksonville, FL with the purpose of solving the massive issue of waste by restaurants. No more required polysteryne cups being repeatedly used by employees and then thrown away by employees at the end of a shift. Instead, the Universal Lid will allow for employees to re-use plastic cups everyday. Wash the cups, wash the lids, and zero waste! With daily use by Matthieu, he realized that not only is this ideal for restaurants, but perfect for everyone! No more worrying about losing a lid for your favorite cup, no more having to wash the same lid everyday, and no more searching for matching cups and lids. It is also perfect for toddlers moving from sippy cups to "grown up" cups! This patent pending Universal Lid is the first reusable lid that will fit every cup, and is the perfect on the go lid!